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Dallas 3

A quick trip to Dallas served as time beautifully spent with longtime friends plus a short break for the hubby from the intensity of tax season.  Had fortunes worked out, we might have continued on to New Orleans for the NCAA Men’s Championship game, but our Bruins did not make it to the last round.

For this trip, a high point was visiting the George W. Bush Presidential Library on the grounds of Southern Methodist University.  The site was closed during our last visit to Dallas in October 2020 for the World Series.  That trip worked out pretty well in spite of this particular detail (to say the least — read my post here).

The entire site comprises 18 acres, 15 of which is a beautiful park.  It’s no surprise these libraries take years to build as they serve as a complete history of, in this case, eight years in office.  Everything is there, from attire worn, major events relived through archival documents and videos, interviews and some hilarious moments where “43” pokes fun at his misproununciations — most notably “strategery” and “misunderestimate.”  It is well worth a visit.

Above, a full-size replica of the Oval Office.   Below, of the many gifts on display given to the President, this one is just perfect — bowls for First Dog Barney (love the feet!)

When in Texas, one tends to savor authentic bar-b-que as we did with a return visit to Terry Black’s in Deep Ellum.  When we arrived — and when we left — the line was literally out the door, with good reason.  It’s just delicious.  Their massive smoking room shown below. The good weather allowed for walking back to the hotel and a chance to work off some of that amazing food.

If you’ve not heard, weddings are going on everywhere due to 2020/21 postponements — the most weddings in our history.   It’s been said that it is easier to find your soulmate these days than an available wedding venue.  I believe it!  There was another wedding adjacent to the one we attended at the Adolphus where we stayed.  Obviously we didn’t read the sign “Hagerman/Zeidman Wedding This Way” until we had a drink and a bite and then went to sign the guest book.  “That’s not Sarah and Mark ..” in the photo display served as the tipping point to head right.  Much later in the evening, guests were drifting back and forth to sample some snack offerings (burritos in the “other” wedding and Whataburger at the Zeidman’s) and it was all good.

The night before

As for the evening before (at The Henry) and the wedding/dinner & dancing itself, there’s nothing quite like celebrating two people who found each other after their first “attempts” didn’t work out.  Afterall, isn’t “love lovlier the second time around” as the song goes?  To Sarah and Mark, it was a great joy to celebrate your love and to be with your family – our longtime and cherished friends – on this beautiful occasion.

Above with other longtime friends (Amb. Ned & Stephanie Siegel) and the groom’s father Fred;  below the head table with gorgeous flowers.

With the groom’s mama Kay Zeidman


Mr & Mrs Zeidman!