Travel Planning

Why you might be interested in what I do ..

Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu, 2014

Finding Your Passion

Many travelers have the desire — but not the first clue — how to plan a trip. Drilling down to their likes and dislikes is key – way more than simply finding a room or a flight. That is my passion, especially seeking the perfect fit for clients’ wishes – whatever those may be.

Making Your Dreams Come True

What to do when you get somewhere, starting with airport greeters/arranged transportation, is all part of the deal. Michelin-starred restaurants, or the best gelato in town, or what you absolutely cannot miss – yours for the asking. Don’t worry; I ask a lot of questions you haven’t even thought of.

Zambesi River
Hippos on Zambesi River, Zimbabwe 2016


Trips Recently Planned

  • Cabo Bachelor Weekend
  • Hawaii
  • Napa
  • Dubai
  • Eastern Europe and Russia
  • Chicago
  • Bahamas
***Do I specialize in certain regions? Not really – If I haven’t been, I’ve researched and explored!

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