About me .. the whole truth and nothing but.

And here’s my story …

The travel bug bit me in my early 20’s when I traveled solo to Switzerland and France for skiing.  I have now been to 80 countries on 6 continents (Antarctica November 2024!).

The Travel with Teri B blog was created in 2012 after a friend read some of my descriptive emails with attached photos I was sending mostly to family.  The blog enables contacts to learn about trips with detailed posts while vicariously “enjoying the scenery.”  Word began to spread about the extensive planning of domestic and international trips I do for myself, and for the character known as “the hubby.”  When folks learned I imagined and booked all our itineraries, they asked me to provide them with the same services.  In 2022, I became a licensed travel agent enhancing my travel planning business.

When I’m not traveling (and even when I am), I own and operate Print Technology (est. 1999), provider of print and branding.  Or I might be tending my produce garden, attending Dodger games, exploring the world of cooking and restaurants as a certified “foodie,” plus marketing our family business The Cellar Beverly Hills.  I love spending time with the hubby and grown children.  Los Angeles is the place I have always called home.