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The last time the Dodgers won the World Series, I was literally a newborn fan.  If someone had told me that during the course of 35 years with the hubby I would become this avid baseball person, I would have said “there’s no way.”

I grew up attending countless games of two local basketball legends — the UCLA Bruins and the Los Angeles Lakers.  The action is literally non-stop.  That there might be a transition to baseball who some (non fans) liken to watching paint dry, is arguably a stretch.

I can tell you the exact day it took place.  October 15, 1988.  You all know it — Kirk Gibson’s historic walk off in Game 1 of the World Series.  Was I there?  No.  In fact, the hubby and I had a bit of a “disagreement” about going.  We had “other plans” that night — a dinner party with friends from our synagogue.   He went to the game and I went to the dinner party.  It didn’t take long to “get it” thereafter.  I went to Game 2 and the rest is history.

In the early 90’s we became Dodger season ticket holders. I swore off the NBA and UCLA has crushed our hopes for way too long.  We celebrated in Seattle with them in 1995 and in San Antonio for their near miss in 2008.  Kansas winning there was terrific as son Sam was headed to KU for college.

What’s happened in the interim?  Visited 40 MLB stadiums (old and new parks).  Someday I’ll get to my 30th team park (Detroit).  Had fun road trips visiting stadiums.  Seen games in Tokyo, Seoul and Taipei.  Then there’s the many All-Star games, NLDS, NLCS and, yes, the painful recent WS games.

Then this remarkable, unforgettable, unpredictable 2020 season happened.  When the hubby sent me the MLB email announcing tickets were going on sale Oct 6 for the NLCS and WS at Globe Life Field, I said “let’s go.”  With all games sold out in 90 minutes, we could only get 4 seats for Game 6 of the WS.  The craziest travel plans ever were booked, including separate airfare for Sam who was only going if the Dodgers were in.  Fortunately, daughter Hannah (a non-fan thus always missing from the photos) is holding down the home fort and watching the dogs while we go on our baseball journey.

October 2019 playoff game at Dodger Stadium

Game 5 seats were purchased via StubHub’s resale market.  That was a tense evening.  Oh, that we could shed pounds from the angst of a baseball game.  I was hiding my eyes, gripping my seat, holding on to the hubby and bursting into screams at a run or strikeout.  Had we all recovered from the Game 4 stunning loss?  Our team put it in their rearview mirror and took care of business.

Globe Life Field, 10.25.20

Food pricing was pretty reasonable.  Drinks?  Not so much (see below).  Parking was cheap at $30 ($100 at Dodger Stadium for the World Series).

With one of our LA ticket partners for the big night

We tried to keep busy, but were really just counting down the hours until Game 6.  We sat through nearly six painful innings until scoring our first runs to take a tiny lead.  But that was all that we needed, with our stellar pitching, another Mookie home run and a World Series championship.  Screams, tears, hugs, high fives, dancing in the aisles and pure joy.  We did it.  We finally did it.


  • I saw your Photo, Is this Sam?
    I can’t believe it’s him, My Image of Sam is when We had a Thanks Giving. I had a photo, he probably 6 or 7 years old. Now he is a nice good looking Young Man! No wonder I am getting old. I am still busy settling at Condo in Brentwood. I am doing fine. Doing a exercise by Zoom 5 days a week.
    I have a 4 large Hoya trees in my Patio, and busy baby sitting them. It’s very interesting Flowers.

  • Thanks for letting me live vicariously through you! The texting and FB posts made it (almost) seem like I was in that empty seat next to y’all.

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