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Have you missed traveling or stayed at home due to all the restrictions imposed (not to mention current “world affairs”)?  Then there’s good news to share. More and more countries are opening their borders without quarantine mandates as conveyed in a recent column on travel site

That’s about the best news we could hope for. This blog does not weigh in on the “politics” of travel (as in “is it ok to go to a country with policies one might find unacceptable?”). Rather the job at hand is to write about my travel plans, where we’ve been, and how to navigate and explore this world of ours with all its complexities.

Now on to the latest. First up on the most recent list (the site also links to an earlier list in February) is Iceland — our jumping off destination for this year’s big trip! Following Iceland we head to the Faroe Islands principally for two reasons: 1) When would we ever get back to see the magnificent scenery? and 2) The islands are en route to Norway, another of our planned destinations.

I’ll pause to give a brief shout out to a travel expert I’ve engaged for Iceland and the Faroes.  And that’s another reason to follow Wendy’s site, which is where I found Chris Gordon of Icepedition.

When contemplating visits to some regions, I have no problem engaging experts.  This is one of those situations.  Chris has mapped out our itinerary and secured many of the bookings for both Iceland and the Faroes.  He covers Greenland as well but advised us there’s not much to see in April.  We worked well as a team and I look forward to sharing the stories very soon!

So what’s the takeaway?   2022 is open for business in the world of travel.  There are tons of places to go, new hotels open, and an industry that is in need of support.  Make plans NOW.


  it’s already tomorrow in Australia.”     ~ Charles M. Schulz