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Another year of wedded bliss being celebrated?  Not quite.

In April of 2012, I launched Travel with Teri B as a blog on Google blogger.  See how it started below:

And how’s it going (I presume you asked)?  Well, 257 posts later, I’m still at it.  It is something with which I have great pride because some marriages don’t last 10 years.  That said, I do occasionally wonder if I should keep this up.  But I then focus — most importantly — on the kind words and amazing feedback received which is enough inspiration to continue sharing stories with family and friends and anyone else who might be interested.  One can just image my joy when I see that a post has nearly 5,000 views.

So here we go, off on another post tax season trip!   Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Oslo & Stockholm (and parts unknown within the region), then long-belated family time in Italy when we meet up with our kids in Florence.  It’s really a joy to continue doing this and I (still) thank you for traveling along with me.