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It is truly a blessing year after year to travel far and wide. “Where are you going this year?” is a common question both the hubby and I are only too happy to answer.

The general destinations are decided far in advance. After a great deal of research, plans are “finalized.” And I say that knowing full well I might change a hotel at the last minute or even during the travel. It is simply about wanting the best experience for us.

Does the following map look like a lot of territory to cover? Perhaps. It works for us in order to see the destinations of choice. Tokyo and Singapore are repeat visits. Bali and Fiji are firsts. In between, the south island of New Zealand is a repeat but for more days and a deeper dive into the area.

Suffice it to say, it is a huge bonus if one finds international flights part of the “fun.” It’s an adventure! Oh, think of the people you’ll meet. And the books one can read or the blogging one can do. It certainly helps to have the right travel companion. For us, there is a clear division of responsibility: I plan everything and he manages the currency. I do the packing and he lifts the suitcases. Seems very equitable to me.

So, here we go again. Look for posts with stories about each destination, though not concurrent with our time there. The sharing comes after the fact so as not to be glued to the computer. It is a vacation after all ..


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