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It is no surprise that the big cats — lions, leopards & cheetahs — are the most sought-after sightings on an African safari.  I am being location specific here because the incomparable Bengal Tigers likewise fit the bill.  But those are only in India.  For purposes of this post we’ll stay on the African continent.  I will, however, shamelessly re-promote a prior trip to India where the tiger encounter was something truly to behold.  (Click HERE)

Our amazing guide Penuel at Namiri Plains (in southeastern Serengeti) was brilliant at providing maximum pleasure for guests, which is indicative of excellent customer service.  Nothing is a guarantee for sure.  Imagine our downright glee to encounter these incredible creatures, deserving in my opinion their own post.  Please enjoy.  As they say in Tanzania :: You’re most welcome.

Serval Cat — a small breed by comparison

The Lions

“Bob Marley” because of his mane

One-year-old cubs
Snoozing in the sun
And in the shade
Eight snacking cubs in front of our camp.

Perhaps TMI, but after the above wildebeest was killed by the mom(s), the kids chomped away.  The moms are careful to extract the stomach contents of mostly grass which can be toxic for the cubs.  Then the kids are free to go at it.  It’s survival of the fittest in the wild.  This sighting minutes from camp (in background) was 14 lions in total — eight adults and the rest youngish cubs.

Let’s play!
Making new lions

The Cheetahs

(note the facial markings as distinguished from the leopards below)

Right next to our vehicle
3-month-old cub with a full belly
Mom is always on the lookout

The (elusive) Leopard

Next post:  We’re off to a completely different environment in the fertile hills in the Arusha region of Tanzania.


  • Leopards are the most remarkable looking animal.
    But my favorite line: making new lions. Oh my!

    • Ha!! And guess what — this goes on over and over with maybe 10 minutes in between. Talk about King of the Jungle!

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