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Carryon Pouch Closed

Am I the only one who thinks about the best travel tools for a long flight?  I think not.  In anticipation of having several (long flights) soon, how I manage all the details is key to calming me down.  I needed to find a small “vessel” for having everything at my fingertips — neat, orderly, accessible.  That was my goal and I’m pretty sure I nailed it.

The truth is, I am not one of those fliers who instantly relaxes.  Oh, no — it’s definitely a process requiring multiple items.  I have spent many a flight dropping said items, losing them under the seat or blanket, and/or sitting on them when I come back to my seat.  All of that adds up to frustration, thus less likelihood of relaxation.  Inevitably there’s the hubby who is generally out before the plane leaves the ground.  He is a truly gifted sleeper.  And even more annoying, he never worries about not sleeping.  It’s very aggravating!

And what needs to be is in that magic bag, you ask?  Forthwith, a peak at my must-have list (some items are grouped together in Ziplock snackbags) :

  • Chapstick, lipstick, eyeshades, silicone earplugs, Tums, Tylenol/Aleve/sleeping aid (in one vial), Ricola lozenges, headphones (small and noise-eliminating), almonds, tissues and dental picks.  Ok, I just outed my personal hygiene.  I can live with that.  Can I tell you how excited I am to pull one bag out of my carry-on and have everything in there?  I am ecstatic.  All I need is my book and my neck pillow (which I snap on to my rolling carry-on).
Pouch from Travelsmith
All closed up — about 9″ long


Another challenge is arriving at a nice hotel after an overnight flight and NOT looking like you just rolled out of bed.  Leggings and a long top with a scarf is pretty much my uniform.  There is little wrinkling, and I can sleep comfortably as opposed to wearing jeans or another clothing choice.  The other essential is a slip-on shoe, plus I’ve recently decided to pack slippers in my carry-on.  I’ve no interest in putting on my shoes to go to the “loo,” and those socks provided in the amenity kits are not for me.

The last recent purchase is a large (13″ x 12″) tote/handbag.  I found one that is fashionable without screaming designer label (no need to attract thieves), reasonably priced (subjective, I know) and indestructible for getting tossed around in the overhead compartment. Plus there had to be straps that fit over the telescopic handle of my rolling carry-on.  Can I justify the purchase of another black bag?  I can.  The hubby is another story.

Marc Jacobs bag
The pouch fits nicely inside!

If all of this sounds like a lot of work, it’s worth it to feel completely organized during a lengthy period of time (two flights are 11+ hours). I’m ready to take these new finds out for a spin!

Briggs and Riley rolling carry-on