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Obviously it’s been a long time since I had that kind of pleasure!  Nevertheless, the joy of birthing this Travel with Teri B website has been exciting and full of surprises.  It also required a considerable amount of time, growth pains and unknown challenges.  To me that sounds like the other kind of birthing!


My feelings about this new website!
Mom and Offspring

It is with great joy and pride that the big reveal is here.  Everything Travel with Teri B in one location:

  • Exquisite Photos (if I do say so myself) — click on one and have fun scrolling;
  • Hotel recommendations, airline stories, where to eat and on and on;
  • The ever-unpredictable hubby .. my (travel) partner in crime and in life.

Posts go back to the roots of the blog — to what seems like an ancient time of 2012.  So much has changed, but the destinations remain fascinating and fun, at least to me.

While the Travel with Teri B content may have evolved over time (I believe better), the intent has been the same since the inception.   My job is to inform and entertain readers without getting too far “into the weeds.”  No technical jargon, little “inside baseball” where the readers’ eyes tend to glaze over.  Rather bursts of information both from personal experiences and from vast intake of content from multiple resources.  The good, valuable stuff gets passed along.  What is the takeaway?

  • Learning while not investing a good deal of your time;
  • Providing incentive to visit different parts of the world you had not previously considered;
  • Learning about different cultures from someone you relate to.

The travel planning page has the same goal:  I explain about giving me your bullet points, and I will run with it while you tend to your day.  Here’s a favorite of mine: “Recognize your limitations and compensate for them.”  That means, stick to things like your career and making money so you can delegate the other tasks that eat up your time. Nobody — NOBODY — is good at everything.  Me balancing my checkbook: #fuggedaboutit


Take the road less traveled!
What’s it going to be?


I hope you enjoy exploring the site.  Be sure to “hover” over “Categories” up at the top — that tags and cross-references prior posts based on topics such as “Wining/Dining” and “Things You Should Know.”  Not on social media?  No worries!  Go all the way to the bottom to see Instagram posts —  you might even sign up.

So just like the other “birthing process,” this has been a labor of love.  Please follow along as I continue to explore, observe and report back to you.  It’s my pleasure and I hope yours too!



  • So happy for you and this labor of love! I enjoy traveling with you via your blog!

  • Teri, Congrats on Your new Blog design! Great stuff! Re: Things to Know About Travel in 2018, I just applied for a REAL ID California Drivers License, which will be required for all domestic travel as of 2020 (or you can use a Passport, but I prefer to save that for international travel). 2020 is closer than we think so it might be worth a blog article. Thanks for all you do for us travelers!

    • Thank you for reading, and following up with your generous comments with a trained eye! Means a great deal. Will be taking the DMV plunge this summer.

  • Bravo, Teri! Well done! Love the fonts and the whole deal. And your new photo!! Can’t wait to publish more of your great work on SFVMedia and LAWestMedia.

    • Thank you! Thinking of a “Closer to Home” category — good for your sites ..
      Miss you!

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