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We’re barely a nanosecond into 2017, and I can’t even count how many “where to go” and “best places” and “should not be missed” lists of destinations I have received.  I began to think:  How in the world does one take all of that in, and what to do with all that information!   Following is my plan of attack, plus which sources I value/trust the most.

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I try to make an effort to read what comes my way. But I also do a lot of unsubscribing as I’m sure most of you do as well.  Given that I don’t always remember what I signed up for (sound familiar?), I better at least check out the content before deciding to continue subscribing or end it there.

The hubby receives a huge amount of columns vis-a-vis his political writing; his method is to print them out on the back of used copy paper, then read them later — at a ball game, or while watching something at home (he has reinvented the concept of multitasking). He never goes anywhere without reading. It might seem like a chore, but it’s a very efficient system and a stress reducer when he has those inconvenient pauses in life.

I previously shared my filing system (shown below), separated by travel regions, airline info and the like.  When I have a free moment (ha!), I’ll go through and purge old stuff. Believe me it helps to have a place to go for reference.


As for the lists received, here are three that I like al                              ot.  Interesting that nearly every writer includes a specific number in the header — most seem random — but clearly it’s a way to grab a reader’s attention.
1.  New York Times: 52 Places to Go in 2017 — where else could you find locations as disparate as Botswana and Minneapolis on the same list?? (Two of mine included: Agra and The Maldives!)
2.  Travel & Leisure: 50 Best Places to Travel in 2017 — I like that it’s in alphabetical order for some reason — if I need to revisit, I can scroll faster! (One of mine:  Perth; but lots of others I would go back to in a heartbeat: Queenstown, Jerusalem, Cape Town ..)
3.  New York Times:  Eight Ways to Save on Travel — because who doesn’t want to know how??? I like #4 — pick an airline and stick with it.  Don’t drive yourself crazy.
Whatever you do, remember that travel is good for the soul … at least it is for my soul! Happy trails in 2017.
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