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For those who read my annual “Happy New Year” post highlighting the year’s upcoming travel plans, I listed a 70th birthday trip for the hubby but kept the details “secret.”  There is a method to my madness, and it’s all about superstition.  It’s certainly not because I think people are that infatuated with what we’re doing.

It’s not easy planning something to mark a milestone birthday. Especially since the actual date is during baseball playoffs.  Typically I’m off the hook as the plan is to attend if not certainly to watch a game.  This one, however, involved going to another much-coveted sporting event.  And that is Wimbledon.

What’s that, you say?  “I didn’t know Bruce is a tennis fan!”  Well, he is to the point of getting up basically in the middle of the night to watch important matches live.  And not just recently, but for as long as I can remember.  His playing days are long since past, but being a fan never faded.

So how exactly does one get tickets? Well, I contacted the office for Debenture (seat) Holders right after the 2022 tournament and found out when the seats go on sale for 2023. The hubby picked the day to attend: the Men’s Semi-Finals. Seeing two top matches (Novak vs. Sinner and Alcarez vs. Medvedev) as opposed to one final match would guarantee an outstanding experence.

What happens if we can’t go? The seats after purchased become “ours” to sell via StubHub or any other ticket reseller. We just can’t sell them back to the Debenture office.

With that information in hand, we pulled the trigger for a wildly extravagant, once-in-a-lifetime (probably), what the hell/go for it trip. By the way, one doesn’t get to choose their seats.  Debenture seats are all on the same level –arguably the best (shown below – the 200’s).  They will take requests with no guarantees, such as sitting on an end for instance.Finally getting the email a month ago with our tickets was a thrilling experience! Section 211, one over from the section for the player’s family and teams.  Wow. Perfect.

Stawberries & Cream – a Wimbledon must!

So why not share the plans in advance? Superstition. Get there first and then share the news. No point in building expectations (ours!) only to have it not happen.  Many a friend said “You can tell me! I promise not to say anything!!”  It wasn’t about that; it was about counting those proverbial chickens …

Congrats to 2023 champion Carlos Alcarez — we now know your name is next!

Was it worth the secrecy, planning, expense, travel, etc? In a word, the experience was priceless .. Happy early 70th to the one and only hubby.  You’ve worked your ass off your entire life and deserve it all.

The Royal Box above: Princess Beatrice; below the late Queen’s cousin the Duke of Kent

Above; Novak v. Sinner; and Novak below in the post-match interview

Mass exodus above; and the best way to get to the taxi queue in

an enclosed, bike-driven “cab”