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When the Wall Street Journal asked readers to respond with a favorite travel story, I thought long and hard about what to submit.

Maybe the one from Auckland when we were cruising some local islands and stopped for a bit.  I stayed onboard and the hubby went to explore.  After the captain (who I had been speaking to) determined that everyone was back, we sailed away.  A fellow passenger said to me, “Isn’t that your husband back there waving to us?” Oh my God, I didn’t realize we left without him! Needless to say, the captain turned around and collected him…

Or when we went to a baseball game in Seoul and couldn’t read our reservation sheet.  A Korean noticed our confusion, offered to help. He then not only took us to will call and translated so we could get our tickets, but then escorted us to our seats. I will never forget his kindness.

No, the clear winner happened just last year. And, months after my submission, I was happily told it would be included!  Thank you, Demetria Gallegos, for publishing mine.

Enjoy below (reprinted from the Wall Street Journal August 18 online; print version August 20).  If you’re a subsciber, click on this link.  And for my blog post on the entire Uganda travel, click here.