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Faroes 1

It’s not a stretch to say many people have either not heard of nor know the location of the Faroes.  Afterall, they are small in size, small in population (54,000) and basically a “flyover” between Iceland and Norway.

Our thinking after the extraordinary Iceland experience (click HERE for previous post) was why not see the Faroes given such close proximity?  Meaning, when might we be back in the area?  And our travel planner from Icepedition is an expert for the area (in addition to Greenland and Iceland).  Below photo, from the Atlantic Airways flight on approach.

It’s very petite.  There’s one airport with two gates and a few car rental companies with petite cars.  The accommodations at beautiful Havgrim Seaside Hotel were — you guessed it — very petite as was the hotel itself.  The shower door functioned as the bathroom door as well.  Quite efficient.  The staff was extremely welcoming and accommodating, and we could walk to Tórshavn, the capital of the Faroes.  Below, the view from our room.

The Faroes are technically part of the Kingdom of Denmark (as is Greenland), but have been self-governing since 1948.  You can read more here.

Icepedition provided extensive sightseeing options, complete with directions and historical details of what we were experiencing.  As with Iceland, the roads are all excellent, well-marked and easy to navigate.  And there are a stunning amount of sheep.  In fact, one needs be aware when driving as they pay little attention to cars! Below is a sample of the directions we were provided for every option.

Below — an ideal spot for a picnic and wine at the Fossá waterfall

The time in the Faroes provided a break from non-stop movement, which is always recommended on any trip.  Enjoy the scenic photos.  Next stop:  Oslo

Below, two photos of  Tjørnuvík Village, which is favored by surfers 

Last two photos from Saksun area where many visitors go for hiking