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In the Beginning …

You are cordially invited to travel along with me as I visit destinations around the globe.  I will share the must-sees, and both the good and not-so-good travails of my travel experiences. 

As you go along with me for this maiden (shared online) voyage, we will be visiting Budapest, Vienna, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Zurich, Lake Como, Geneva and Baden-Baden by rail, car, and foot.  There might be side trips and a few even unplanned “oopsies” as we venture along.


Along with me for this (and almost all other) journeys is my ever-faithful and mostly obedient hubby Bruce, who has two main tasks:  handle the coin and the luggage.  I always joke that the thing I ask more frequently than anything else on these trips is “how much is that in dollars??”  And he is “johnny-on-the-spot” with the correct conversion.


So enjoy the ride.  Forward to your friends.  And let me know your thoughts!  The next edition will include trip highlights comparing Budapest and Vienna, along with photos …

Teri B.