Things I Love



Good lord, that is a big number.

I know from my two sisters — with barely a three-year age gap from oldest to me — they felt the same way.  And the hubby just had his in October (epically celebrated, I might add).  Hence, a few thoughts on this milestone.

First, gratitude for the choices I have made. Most everyone gets to make choices in life. But how does one know if a particular choice made is a good one?  One doesn’t; it’s basically a leap of faith. And the outcome may not be readily apparent — clarity comes with time. Fortunately, most of my choices worked out pretty well. Those that didn’t? Learn from them, make adjustments accordingly, and move on.

A career path that has led me to celebrate my 25th year as a business owner this coming August.  And prior to ownership, success in the field. The relationships made along the way? I have loved working with so many people (with no plans to quit either).

Treasured friends, some of whom date back to early childhood years. Some relationships needed to be “retired” and that’s a good thing too. They don’t all survive and it feels great to know when to call it quits.

Obviously family isn’t a choice per se. But appreciation for family — the history, connections and commonality — is something to be treasured.

If someone had told my 20-year-old self that I would get married and have this huge life, I would have just laughed. That turned out to be the best choice of all. Call it a total leap of faith but with an underlying confidence that it was just right. Now 38 years later, two tremendous kids, and seeing the world — who could ask for more?

So what’s in store for this new decade? Travel galore (until we can’t). Baseball! All the things I love — the hubby, our kids, my garden, friends and family. Most important to me? Trying not to waste time.  That’s my goal and I’m sticking to it. I’ll keep you posted on my progress.



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