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I have a blessed life.  Celebrating my 69th birthday was marked with a brief trip to Santa Barbara, where we were invited to stay in a guesthouse.

Full disclosure:  staying anywhere other than a hotel makes me anxious. I want the ability to call the front desk at 3 a.m. for extra pillows.  I need a pitch black and cool room with coffee at my disposal and a decent TV if only to channel surf.  Many people can fall asleep anywhere at anytime (principally the hubby) but I do not have that gift.

We heard the home is beautiful with a spectacular view from the hills.  That is an understatement as evidenced below.

It is a beautiful hillside home with gardens and extensive artwork both inside and out (the family are longtime collectors).  And they were the most gracious hosts to boot.  We were welcomed with open arms.

Below, a very well stocked guest house!

Above, an outdoor seating area with sculpture, firepit and Flintstones chairs. Below, the Flintstones meet the Jetsons in an original work by artist Kenny Scharf.

If you’re waiting for a but, there isn’t one.  We had wonderful dinners with our hosts at both San Ysidro Ranch and Tre Lune.  We had a long overdue lunch at Ca Dario with another forever client.  They have a a beautiful home as well, near Hope Ranch, where they whale watch from their backyard.

Dinner below at The Stonehouse – San Ysidro Ranch below

And the following night at Tre Lune with amazing pizza

The weekend was capped back home with a family dinner filled with delicious food and love.  And an inordinate amount of excitement for a long-awaited kitchen/family room remodel.  Thank you to the hubby for finally giving in. Gratitude for no leaks or damage during our recent epic storms. Indeed, a blessed life.


  • Looks like a beautiful time away from your remodel!

    (Curious about the basketball in the kitchen cupboard!)

    • Definitely a great time away! No idea about the basketball other than a signed collectible — the owner is an avid sports fan/collector. I’ll see if I can find out!

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