Snippets from the Road



I freely admit to being obsessed with where I stay for big trips.  Here’s a tip for you who might think I’m wasting my time angsting over reservations:

For the upcoming birthday trip to NYC, I booked several hotels.  Now that the departure is two weeks away, I’m re-evaluating the bookings so I can see if things have changed and make a final decision.

I learned one hotel where I booked has recently been acquired by a brand I avoid so I’m certain to be oppressed by said brand’s marketing — a spoiler for me.   In the spirit of Christmas, I shan’t name names.  But message me for additional details if you care.   That one was canceled.   But another hotel is now 15% less than it was when I last looked (October) … and the room is better/larger.  Re-booked and staying there.

My snippet from the road:  If accommodations are important to you, invest the time getting exactly what you want for what you choose to spend.

But the hubby will tell you it’s more like 100% ..