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Early 2018 was the perfect time to clean up old files (cue: New Year’s Resolution #3).  Upon doing so, I soon I discovered all my records from our first big trip in this century:  Italy – Spring 2001.
What it took then versus how I plan now might as well be from a different universe.  And yet some things never change … like my obsession with whatever shopping might be available!  Italy was still on the lire way back then (oh, the days), and everything was at least 40% less than in the US.  I found catalog tear-out sheets in my folder which I brought on the trip so I could compare the cost of items I wanted to find when I got to Rome or Milan.
The iconic Via Condotti with the Spanish Steps in the background.
The reality: we arrived in Rome, had lunch, checked into the hotel, the hubby took a nap and I went out and bought five handbags.  That was the end of my “alone time” for the remaining three weeks.  But, oh, how much fun I had!
How about the above for a fun walk down memory lane.  That is a copy of the VCR “taping schedule” for the three weeks we were gone. There was no On-Demand or DVR in those days, so if you didn’t get the recording you were out of luck.  I think there was a performance bonus offered as well … of course, I’m sure son Sam (age 12 at that time) was in charge so we likely got all the shows.
Other fun memories:  printed, multiple-part airline tickets that arrived in the mail!  I loved looking at all those codes and wondering what they meant.  But when I think back to things like seat assignments and how neurotic I have become about where I sit ( is one of my very favorite websites), it’s hard to imagine going in “blind.”  Well, we didn’t know what we didn’t know; right?
we all lament the trials and tribulations of travel today.  When you are having an “experience,” I suggest you (and I!) remember when … and appreciate how streamlined and easy the process has become.