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Oooh, aaah!  The Dodgers made it to the postseason!! That means at least one or more trips to Dodger Stadium, depending on how well they play.  Since the postseason is promised to no team, attending a game is both a joy but also a commitment.  In this case, 35 hours over just two weeks.  After splitting the first two NLDS games in DC, here’s the rest:


Different rally towels given out at each game … 

Monday, Oct 11 — Game #3 — 2pm game time!  No worries; we all have smartphones so as to work and watch at the same time. Dodgers lose; back for Game 4 in the series the next day.

A couple of true LA sports fans


Tuesday, Oct 12 — Game #4 — 2pm game time again.  Normally fine, except sundown is Kol Nidre, which begins the the most sacred Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur for the next 24 hours.  The game goes long, necessitating an early departure (well, for some of us). Alas, we made it to synagogue and observed the holiday.   By the way, the Dodgers won!
The series-ending, victorious Game #5 on Oct 14 in DC was dramatic 
and so exciting.  Our two aces, Kenley and Kershaw, 
got the job done with outstanding pitching!


After splitting the first two games of the NLCS in Chicago, the series moves back to LA for the next three. Tuesday, Oct. 18 — Dodgers win 6-0; Wed, Oct 19 — we get slaughtered 10-2; and Thurs, Oct 19 — again defeated 8-4.  All told during those two weeks in October, with travel time to and from the stadium, I figure it was roughly 35 hours dedicated to the Dodgers.  And it was a blast.  

Added benefit is spending lots of time with son Sam
The hubby and Sam get a much-appreciated photo op with
Cubs Hall-of-Famer and terrific guy Ryne Sandberg
Thirty-five hours An entire work week for some.  About 17 movies.  Five nights of sleep. Yes, a big time commitment.  And, you know what?  We all clamored for a bunch more.
By now, you all know the outcome.  Game 6 at Wrigley was a disaster and MLB got it’s hoped-for World Series wish — the Chicago Cubs vs. the Cleveland Indians. I’ll close with just two words: #GoTribe!
How can you not love the two opposing managers showing immense respect?
LA’s Dave Roberts did a terrific job in his first year; kudos to the Cubs’ Joe Madden