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Reunion in Milan

Imagine my surprise when a private Facebook message was received in November, 2013:  “Are you the Teri Michaels who went to St. Moritz a very long time ago?” To which I replied, “It depends … Who are you??” “It’s me — Maddy from Luxembourg!”  Well, then indeed I am one and the same, but for many years now with my married last name Bialosky.  The wonders of the internet will never cease to amaze … 
Maddy and I not only became fast friends during that two-week ski trip to Switzerland in 1979 (my first trip to Europe), but we were pen-pals for several years after … you know, the quaint art of paper and stamps?  I’m not sure when we lost touch, but I was so happy to reconnect via FB. When I wrote to Maddy about a vacation we already had planned to Europe, it didn’t take long for us to figure a location (Milan) in which she and her husband John would travel from Luxembourg to meet me and the hubby for a whirlwind two days.
I am on the left (with all that hair), and Maddy is on the right.  
I learned that Maddy had tried in vain to contact me during many of her visits to the U.S., including California!  What a shame it took so long … but we took up quite fine once we encountered each other at the hotel elevator of all places.  Her English is great and John understood what we were jabbering about so all was well from the get-go.  
The backdrop was from an event at the hotel so we had our 15 seconds of “red carpet” fame.  Maddy had the perfect towering heels for this shot!
The last visit to Milan for the hubby and me was in 2001.  The city layout stayed with me all this time (must be the stores) as I found it very easy to navigate on foot. The exchange rate is not the miracle it was then, but it was much better than in recent years.  Since we had seen the historical/art aspects of Milan on the previous visit, this time it was all about shopping (mostly the “window” variety) and people watching.
We arrived very early so breakfast was enjoyed with this view, plus a very nice amenity waiting in the room.
And so that is what we did during our time together:  strolled the streets, compared our lives then and now, ate delicious food (it is quite difficult NOT to pretty much anywhere in Italy) and made some small purchases.
Neither she nor I ski anymore as we did for those two glorious weeks in St. Moritz. But then as now we had adjacent accommodations (albeit considerably more upscale now) and a basic connection that has spanned more than three decades. There is also a love of world travel, long-time marriages, and an ease with online communication.  All that is left is to plan our next visit!

Regarding those “more upscale” accommodations, I was excited to stay at my first Bulgari hotel.  I am a longtime fan of the brand and only wish I could own more of their products … This property is definitely a “boutique” hotel with superb accommodations and a phenomenal location.  The service was top notch.  A young female concierge even accommodated me when I my flat iron device blew in the electrical outlet by bringing hers from home for my use.  Now that is service.   

Everything Armani – including sushi (Nobu)
The four of us at Paper Moon.  They serve outstanding and simple Northern Italian fare.
In Trip Advisor terms, it is “a neighborhood gem.”  Below is their Pizza Margherita.
A last shot before we departed the hotel. As tempting as it was, 
we refrained from taking that car for a spin (it was available to rent!)
Moral of the story: reconnect with someone meaningful from your past if the opportunity presents itself. Maddy, my friend, thank you for finding me!  See you again soon. Next stop for the hubby and me: Croatia …