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Who says you can’t turn 60 and eat your cake too?” was the wording on the invitation.  Well, certainly not ME — and now I totally stand by that.  And this birthday celebration was indeed all about the cake (and cupcakes, too, for that matter).

Way back in the spring of last year, I was visiting a favorite client and got the idea that this ingenious venue was not just for the kiddies.  I have had the pleasure of doing business with Duff’s Cakemix since it opened in 2012.

That is a Duff’s cake for Hofstra U —
daughter Hannah’s alma mater.

You might know the name Duff Goldman — as in the Food Network’s Ace of Cakes. Well, not only is there now a Charm City Cakes West in addition to the original Baltimore location, but there is the most wonderful design studio right next store, at the corner of Melrose and “Sweet”zer in West Hollywood. The only way to explain it is to call it “Color Me Mine” for cake decorating.  If that doesn’t ring a bell, then I’ll explain that people go in and select from different sizes of cakes or a set of cupcakes (already baked), pick their flavor (including gluten free and kosher on request), frosting or fondant, and selections from the goodie bar. How impossibly fun is that?   As a side note, Duff’s found my company through a Google search (can you say “Search Engine Optimization”?) and it has been a great relationship ever since.  I was already a huge Ace of Cakes fan, so I knew this company would be so much fun to work with — and it has indeed been amazing to watch them grow!

All the tools …



Frosting colors galore


And why should only the kiddies be doing this?  Well, in my mind turning 60 should be nothing but fun … and this indeed was all about the fun.  There were 20 of my nearest and dearest family and friends there for lunch first (love Joan’s on Third for catering!) and a bit of rose’ wine before we got down to business.   
The patient staff had us select 4 cupcakes each (chocolate, vanilla, marble, lemon poppy seed, confetti or GF), with all the accouterments for decorating set out on the tables.   They then explained how to roll out the fondant and guided us to the endless selection of cutters, knives, and all kinds of other tools.  
Sister #1 Margie rocked it!! 
The biggest surprise of the day?  The incredible creations from my guests!! Who knew they were such capable decorators?   And, boy, did they get into it … so much intensity and so much fun!  After it was all over, each guest was given a box to safely transport their cupcakes home where I’ve heard they didn’t last too long.
Sister #2 Janie going for the Patriots’ theme lower right!  
Hannah’s Olaf (from the movie Frozen)


Friend of almost 3 decades Julie Shuer 
So when all was said and done, not only did we have a great time but there was a lot of love felt there.  My opinion is that when you get to be a certain age, it is all about the company you keep, and I have become pretty selective. Everyone in this group is very special to me, and I so appreciated them being there and the kind words said and conveyed.   Makes the whole damn aging thing not so bad!
With daughter Hannah
My mom is A-mazing!
No comment, other than to say
“What happens at Duff’s … “

F&F (friends & family!)



Love my travel bag from Judy!!
Having a blast at “60” — thank you Kathy for the glasses!!